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    Kind Words

    “I had 8 sessions with Dr. Patrica Rocha. Her guidance has changed my day-to-day life. Her “homework” assignments helped with almost all distractions to stay focused to positive to make productive decisions in a good frame of mind. Today problems seem small and people around me notice & enjoy being around that. What gets me the most some days are those that are most important. Remembering what is important with help from an outside perspective have changed those experiences as well. Thank you Dr. Patricia for all your support”.

    Adult client.

    March 2024

    “Dr. Rocha continues to be a high point in our students’ lives! Her engagement with students and families is incredible. Students routinely look forward to their sessions. We appreciate her play-based approach and her support of our students. After a long stretch of distance learning, we realized that our school community needed the kind of partnership that Joven and Dr. Rocha have provided. Grateful beyond measure!”

    School Principal, K.B.

    January 2024

    “Dr. Rocha has been a phenomenal counselor for Joven Health and our school partners; both the schools and the students love working with her. Her experience with play therapy helps us reach young children and give them the opportunity to express themselves in a warm, supportive environment. Dr. Rocha always makes her clients feel welcome, understood, and supported during their therapy journey. Dr. Rocha has been an amazing partner in pursuing our mission: A Lifetime of Mental Health for All.”

    May, 2023,

    Mike Burke, CEO – Joven Health 


    “I was in a really difficult place after losing my father when I reached out to Dr. Patricia Rocha in July 2022. Her kind, emphatic and patient character made it easy for me to open up & talked about the impact & sadness of my loss. I learned what it actually means to lose someone that you loved, to acknowledge the void left in one’s life, and that grief is a very individual journey. Patricia’s sessions were kind of like a map that helped me to orientate through the process. Today, I still miss my dad and sometimes I still feel lost, but therapy taught me how I can still feel connected to him.”



    “Patricia Rocha was our therapist for several months following a family death. She was instrumental in helping us understand the emotional issues our son was having and provided an excellent toolbox to help our family to positively move forward. Over the course of the sessions improvements were seen and felt on a daily basis. Her ability to understand the dynamic of a child’s understanding was clearly evident from the onset of the sessions.”



    “Nuestra experiencia con Patricia fue excelente. La terapia fue orientada a nuestra hija y nos permitió comprender técnicas profesionales para apoyarla a eliminar el hábito de chuparse el dedo. Patricia analizo el problema desde el entorno familiar con sesiones individuales y familiares. Sus métodos y recomendaciones fueron esenciales para enfocar nuestro trabajo en el entendimiento y el refuerzo positivo haciendo que nuestra hija tomara la decisión por sí misma y mejorando su autoestima. Patricia tuvo un impecable manejo humano y profesional.”



    “Dear Dr. Patricia, thank you so much for today. I really must complement you on a most inspiring talk on “how to handle picky eaters”. I left with my mind and heart in a better place than when I came in and a lot of food for thought (pardon the pun!). Tonight we all had a lovely dinner together. Onwards and upwards for us!”


    “Dr. Rocha provided parent workshops and family counseling for many of our families from AISJ international school. Many parents shared with me – the school counselor – how helpful her parenting workshops she held on topics such as: “Handling Picky Eaters” and “Handling Misbehavior”. Some were so impressed they asked for other services from Patricia. We witnessed marked improvement with the families/students Dr. Rocha worked with. When she left Jeddah, Saudi Arabia we definitely felt her absence and the support she provided.”



    “Gracias a la terapia con Patricia tome conciencia de muchas cosas, como mis problemas de ansiedad y depresión. Patricia me derivó – con mucho acierto – a un psiquiatra quien confirmó su evaluación. Inicie el tratamiento que me dio el psiquiatra y junto con las sesiones, todo fue mejorando poco a poco. Finalmente, comencé́ a ver las cosas con más claridad. En resumen, la terapia fue excelente, muy acertada. Patricia dio en la tecla con mi problema, pudimos trabajar en ello y logre superarlo…lo cual siempre le agradeceré.”



    “I sought help for my little girl soon after setting foot on Qatari soil. My daughter was struggling terribly in school, but we just couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Patricia took our case by the horns and organized a holistic approach to the overall challenges that my daughter and I faced – as a family, as a single-mom with this adopted child, as teacher and student, in every aspect of our relationship. To say she’s had a profound impact on our lives is an understatement.”



    “I appreciated all the concern and energy that Patricia put into the counseling sessions she had with my teenage daughter.  She is very professional in her dealings with her patients. One of Patricia’s strengths that I noticed and really appreciated was she was very approachable.  My teenage daughter did not love going to sessions and would really fight them many times.  I did not find this the case with Patricia. I know that Patricia is very educated, and takes the time, and is responsible, in providing her clients with many and creative techniques in her sessions.”


    “Patricia’s regular guidance of both of our teenage children and us parents really helped us get to a better place with each other while coping with family crisis. Her professional feedback helped improve our understanding of our decisions around parenting our kids. In addition, she somehow managed to “disarm” the most reluctant of teenage boys to the point of him trusting her and valuing the time spent in sessions. Really, the way in which she developed the relationships with both teenagers was fantastic!”



    “Patricia was an extremely competent professional and an invaluable resource to me. Simply put, her guidance, insight, strategies and candid perspective coalesced into a path that allowed me to come to my own conclusions, examine my own choices and ultimately pursue my own guided self-improvement, all while she provided a comfortable, assisting environment. Anyone looking for therapeutic counseling regarding personal or professional challenges would be extremely fortunate to work with Patricia.”