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    About Dr. Patricia Rocha


    I hold a doctorate in Psychology from Walden University & provide psychotherapy services in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

    I hold a license in Marriage & Family Therapy in the states of Colorado (License # 851) and Arizona (LMFT-15698). In addition, I completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy trough Play Therapy United Kingdom – awarded by Leeds Beckett University.

    Bringing expertise based on training and experience, I offer therapy services for all ages with a focus on children and families. Possessing an in-depth understanding of human development, family dynamics, and mental health issues, I work with a focus on seeing clients from a systemic perspective believing that individuals live, hurt, grow and heal within a family system and a larger ecosystem including school, work, and community.

    I have been providing parenting support, workshops and private consultation since 2005 and consider this to be some of my profound work positively affecting entire families.

    I specialize in Play Therapy, a model that uses the therapeutic powers of play to help children resolve psychosocial difficulties and achieve optimal growth and development.

    Shaping forces in my life, personal and professional

    I was born & raised in Argentina, fact that shaped me culturally and personally. I love my homeland and dulce de leche (caramel)!

    After marriage, I traveled extensively and lived abroad, as I followed and supported my husband on his international job assignments. My mobile lifestyle after marriage was the other force that continued to shape my life both, personally and professionally. Having lived in Japan, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and India has been an invaluable and rich cultural experience for me. During the first year of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, we spent time in Portugal (husband’s homeland) and since 2021, we have relocated the USA.

    While living internationally, I developed an interest in working with and supporting families living overseas. I created a specialty niche in consulting for international schools needing support the expatriate communities. In each of the countries I lived in, I shared my expertise providing educational workshops for educators and parents. My parent coaching services helped parents with insight, feedback, and tools to better support, communicate, and connect with their children.

    And then Covid-19 came; life changed; the world changed; the need for helping others grew.

    Due to Covid-19 pandemic, I have taken my private practice virtually and continue to offer therapy services (now online, via-teleheath) for children, teens, and adults.

    I continue my passion of working with children through play- via Tele-Play sessions, when appropriate.

    My virtual practice also includes parenting workshops (now online webinars) on various topics: discipline, resilience, sibling rivalry, use of screen time, dealing with teens’ behavior, & other ”on-demand” topics.

    My mission

    I believe that life has purpose by someone else’s life being made better by you. My mission is to make a difference in people’s life and fulfill the most important task therapists have: to assist in the process of restoring patterns of hope.